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Supporting Nurseries

We all know the importance of getting kids active and starting them young is crucial. Not only is it vital in developing their physical development but can also greatly enhance other aspects of their progression such as gaining confidence, understanding relationships and beginning teamwork.


At Cruz Sports Coaching we have a variety of preschool sports activities that are perfect for younger children. These services are designed to support nurseries and pre-school settings in their nursery school sports coaching, forming a vital part of the Early Years Learning.

Active Movement:

Active Movement develop your child intellectually, emotionally, socially and as well as physically. Active Movement helps your child to be healthy and happy, confident and feel loved. It also fabricates the foundations for learning, moving and communicating.


Active Movement outcomes:


  • Increase physical, intellectual, and social skills with peers 

  • Improve understanding of the body and how to move

  • Develop bones, muscles, confidence and self-esteem

  • Activate  memory

  • Willingness to try challenging activities

  • The ability to work with others



The Square School 



Active Movement (Multi Sports) 2:00pm-3:00pm




We are happy to come into your nursery and offer a complimentary session!

Please contact us:



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